WebDev 2013.10.11-Agenda and Minutes

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1. WS239 production status

1a. Is the mysql database issue resolved?

Specifically the use of full database names (and not symbolic names), also manifested in the discord between the app and gbrowse configuration files. For this release, I've mirrored existing databases to the original symbolic names in addition to the full g_species_BPID_WSXXX format.

  • Yes, full database names are being used and has been working properly for a month
  • Problems reported in this issue: #1833 (location widget/gbrowse links) are from the gbrowse url change
    • Please test.

1b. Other possibly blocking issues?

1c. Merge of code

Merge to production branch should be handled by Friday afternoon if 1a. and 1b. resolved.

1d. Intermine build status for WS239

1e. Brief service interruption

I will need to briefly halt the dev.wormbase.org instance this weekend; this will cause all services to stop and unless they are set to restart, will remain halted. Let me know if this is a problem.

2. Intermine knowledge transfer progress

3. Mobile app support

@abby, anything you need from me before GSOC next week?