WebDev 2013.09.06-Agenda and Minutes

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attending: Abby, JD, Joachim, Lincoln

regrets: Todd, Antonio


1. Administrative update (Abby; 5 minutes)

  • WS239 staged
  • Flexible release schedule - release to production in ~1 month?
  • Staging and Production now on different versions
    • Production changes need to be made as bugfixes

2. Development update (Joachim; 15 minutes)

  • GFF3
    • source/type changed for all species GFF2->GFF3
    • fixing all changes by hand, working with Kevin
  • Data visualisation prototype
    • debian has old R version -> need to upgrade to 2.14 R
    • add R packages needed for render
  • Review of current issues
  • Genelets track
    • looks fine here
    • might be an issue with one machine in production?

3. Development update (Abby; 15 minutes)

  • Model changes
  • Search changes
  • Review of current issues

4. Development update (JD; 15 minutes)

  • Review of current issues
    • pseudogene page
    • upgraded cytoscape
      • on staging, not production yet
    • cell linage browser
      • slow graph - svg scripting
        • only show a few generations (above and below)
      • search bar? show subtree
    • add phenotypes to legend/filter view
    • Transposon family page
  • Intermine: Documentation: start-to-finish
    • instatiate exiting and create an instance
  • Intermine: Scripted redeployment
    • datafile deployment build
    • downloads newest versions of files for all species (go, gff, fasta, ace xml)
  • Intermine: test generating framework
    • queries backend database
    • will write one that queries intermine rest interface

5. Mobile update (Abby; 5 minutes)

  • PhoneGap - build app version of website

6. WS239 development objectives (All; 5 minutes)

  • Gene history model changes
  • Updated / Improved searches
  • Test new GFF3 and define necessary fixes for Hinxton
  • Issue tracker issues and features as noted therein
  • Distinct build/staging environments

5. Open Table