WebDev 2013.08.30-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative update (Todd; 10 minutes)

2. Development update (Abby; 15 minutes)

  • Review of outstanding issues
  • Search?

3. Development update (JD; 15 minutes)

  • Review of outstanding issues
  • Due 8/16: Documentation: start -to-finish
  • Due 8/30: Scripted redployment

Oustanding web development issues:

#1603: Pseudogene display
#1647 - Sequence summary page addition - waiting on PD
#1268 - Cytoscape browser legend
#1114 - CDS overview for partial CDSs
#1082 - Transposon summary page
#1602 - Rationalizing sequence display

4. Mobile update (Antonio; 15 minutes)

Excepts from email updates from Antonio:

Hi I committed the new theme on git. I've done quite a lot of attempts matching colours but the results were not looking good (perhaps I didn't chose the right colour tones or I'm just terrible as a graphic designer), then I decided to keep it simple so I chose to use a variation of the website's colours. I made the corners less rounded, used black icons, a lighter black, a darker tone of light blue and some shades of white and grey.

There are some things I want to get done before starting with phonegap:

- Create an image to put on the home screen when there are no recent elements (for new users)
- Display a message which invites the user to open widgets when none are opened (I noticed that for some classes no default widgets are returned and so the user gets an empty page)
- The scrolling is broken on some pages (I haven't figured out the reason yet)
- Put a loading spinner in each widget box while it's loading (It can't be done with the JQM spinner)
- I'm thinking about putting the search on the sidebar

5. WS239 development objectives

  • Gene history model changes
  • Updated / Improved searches
  • Test new GFF3 and define necessary fixes for Hinxton
  • Issue tracker issues and features as noted therein
  • Distinct build/staging environments

5. Open Table