WebDev 2013.08.09-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative update (Todd; 5 minutes)

2. Mobile app development (Antonio; 10 minutes)

3. General development update (JD, Joachim)

GBrowse issues


  • Glyph height
  • FASTA download, cannot disable button
    • Tried disabling in the DOM
  • BLAST e-value sorting
    • DataTables plug-in for sorting on scientific value
  • Interactors
  • Microrna

Process pages

Outstanding issues

GFF3 plans 1. change perl modules over 2. check attributtes 3. merge configurations and standardize

Todd will load GFF2 and GFF3.

4. Intermine development update (JD; 10 minutes)

Update pipeline

  • Ant build pipeline; reads JSON for bioproject IDs
  • Working on staging/production strategy
  • Worked on some user requests (like counts request from Keith Bradnam)

5. WS239 development priorities


  • Native GFF3 arrives with WS239

Genome Browsers

  • Finalize and launch survey, mid September
  • Draw up requirements document
  • Short list of candidates


  • prepare NAR manuscript
  • Cloud: consolidate expiring reserved instances
  • Begin next migration steps


  • expand coverage of existing classes, particularly:
    • variation: distinguish polymorphisms from alleles; add meaningful content on nature of molecular change
    • gene: add orthologs
    • rnai/phenotype: time permitting