WebDev 2013.08.02-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Status of current projects

1a. Abby

  • searching
    • dead genes
    • cutoff -> display error
    • other_name
  • Optimization
    • cut off large tables
  • Finding orphaned issued. Finishing them.

1b. Antonio

  • styling now, making widgets responsive
    • next week
    • need feedback on styling
  • caching - all widgets even seen
    • should we cache per version
  • home page - welcome screen

1c. Joachim

  • finished gbrowse testing - added to jenkins
    • checks 11K uris - overview on which ones are broken
    • compare 2 images -
  • todd asked to move the url -> under admin/tools
  • gbrowse issues
    • bp problem -> just remove the d/l option
      • gbrowse problem

1d. JD

  • process page development
    • image path not resolving, asked Todd about where images are located on staging
    • no immediate work left, besides pathway image path not resolving
  • WormMine
    • started automatic data update build file
      • can intelligently resolve paths containing species' bioproject id
        • takes from assemblies json
    • started writing more tests, will create testing suite for each WormMine data class

2. Tasks to resolve before WS239 (16 August 2013)

  • Finish logging / error trapping (JB)
  • Expand testing suite with new use cases (JB)
  • Complete outstanding GBrowse issues (JB)
  • Process page development (JD)
  • Intermine documentation and automation workflow (JD)
  • Crush outstanding issues (AC)

3. Future plans

  • Note: Abby is on vacation starting next week