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=== 1a. Abby  ===
=== 1a. Abby  ===
* Optimizing slower bits of code
* going through old issues
=== 1b. Antonio ===
=== 1b. Antonio ===

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1. Status of current projects

1a. Abby

  • Optimizing slower bits of code
  • going through old issues

1b. Antonio

Widget templates: the application is now fetching widgets in html format, there is a function which fixes the links and another one making some minor changes to the DOM. I'm using the website CSS stylesheet and overriding a few properties in my main.css file. Using custom templates is still possible, if the application finds the corresponding template file for a widget, it will retrieve data using JSON and render the template, otherwise it will use the HTML approach. I disabled the templates I did and tried to use javascript/css to modify the html widgets. The ones I implemented / tested so far are Gene's Overview, Location and Sequence. I committed the changes so you can have a look at how it looks like going to /index.html#object/gene/WBGene00015146

Documentation: I uploaded a first version on the wiki. Let me know what you think of it. http://wiki.wormbase.org/index.php/Website:Mobile

Offline caching: it has not been implemented yet. I've done some research and I found that there are plugins for backbone which will hopefully save a lot of time, even through I'll probably need to make some changes to it.

1c. Joachim

  • working on gbrowse testing
  • lost of issues done
    • we should eventually re-do blast/blat

2. Tasks to resolve before WS239 (16 August 2013)

  • Finish logging / error trapping (JB)
  • Expand testing suite with new use cases (JB)
  • Complete outstanding GBrowse issues (JB)
  • Process page development (JD)
  • Intermine documentation and automation workflow (JD)
  • Crush outstanding issues (AC)

3. Future plans