WebDev 2013.06.14-Agenda and Minutes

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Web app

  • Proposal emailed to everyone
  • TODO: set dev.wormbase.org to serve staging code
    • stability

Error Trapping & Logging

  • JB: logging separate form installation type
    • log level on it's own
  • Web.pm - reads installation_type/env var, loads specific log4perl file
  • log4perl -

TODO: get rid of 'debug' flag

    • JB will look at this after testing
    • see issue for suggestions to expand

Intermine Branding (AC)

1) Create accounts on behalf of users, store permanent token

2) Ask users to associate Google account (/openid)

3) Run Identity Server

Intermine (JD)

  • running build over the weekend
  • From Gary, provided ace queries:
    • Gene - only get Live genes
    • CDS - only method = curated
    • Protein - only corresponding CDS
    • Transcripts - attached to Genes, contains history? no ace query
      • gary updated issue 1385!
  • working on many intermine issues - many waiting on builds
  • species list issue: 1405

Testing (JB)

  • template for testing the REST.api
    • t/live.t
    • t/live_tests/template.t
    • simple, baseline for tests and how to write them
  • also wanted to do it for WormBase API
    • do it on real objects, on the real databases (no mock objects!)
    • need to start catalyst again, wanted to use inheritance w/ Moose,
      • does not work with WormBase::Web :(
      • will extend Web.pm, have hook to execute API tests
    • to run on new data in acedb (catch data problems??!)

Open Table