WebDev 2013.06.03-Agenda and Minutes

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Review minutes of 31 May 2013 (all; 5 minutes)

Administrative notes (TH; 5 minutes)

Discuss WS238 development status (all; 10 minutes)

Define WS238/WS239 objectives (all; 10 minutes)

Discuss Intermine progress; define critical blocking issues (JD; 10 minutes)

Discuss mobile app (AC; 10 minutes)

  • Antonio Marino - GSoC
    • unable to attend today's call due to prior commitments, but will attend future calls

Upcoming milestones (TH; 5 minutes)


  • begin exploration of genome browser options (JB)
  • reignite discussion of possible backends for website (AC, JB, TH)
  • adopt PM tool for clearer tracking of tasks, milestones and resources (TH)


  • community survey (AC, TH)
  • complete cloud migration (TH)
  • full launch of intermine with WS240 (JD)

Open Table