WebDev 2013.05.27-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Minutes from previous meeting

  • On staging - have notifications on the top for all issues Under Testing.

2. WS237 production status (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • wasn't ready to go out early
  • going out this weekend
  • check if 'sequences' widget is working

3. WS238 development status (All; 15 minutes)

GFF standardization

  • GBrowse testing
    • Joachim - gbrowse on wb-dev
      • examples working now
      • a lot of the imported data works out of the box
      • making sure everything displays correctly
    • kevin - update doc in google drive
      • changes not recorded, just the state
    • changes: case (lower/camel) changes
    • comparative genomics tracks are empty
      • from the changes? really empty?
      • address this later
  • App update status
    • GFF update: shouldn't affect too much on the main site
  • other critical issues?

4. Application development update (Abby; 5 minutes)

      • otherwise just going through WS238 issues

5. Intermine beta progress (JD; 5 minutes)

  • Raymond started documentation
    • may link to flymine video tutorials
  • 35 closed/ 53 open intermine issues
    • updating to WS238
      • dumped xml from dev
      • update for new data requests
      • can add to existing data types (attributes)
    • intermine currently down

Login, branding

IWM presentations

  • done for the 10th

server space

  • dev ran out of space yesterday
  • intermine running out of space

JD needs updated species file

  • Paul working on it