WebDev 2013.05.20-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Minutes from previous meeting

  • On staging - have notifications on the top for all issues Under Testing.

2. WS237 development status (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • WS237:
    • blast/blat - bioproject ids, done
    • Transgene tables, need to test
  • Merge to production branch - end of the day
    • close up 'under testing' issues

3. Application development status (Abby; 5 minutes)

  • gsoc - mobile app dev student
  • finishing WS237

4. Intermine development update (JD; 5 minutes)

  • will only focus on WormMine specific tasks
  • documentation - Raymond
  • lots of issues - asking for new data/corrections on data
  • gave WormMine tutorials
    • curators are using this/creating templates/lists
    • creating issues
  • will rebuild wormmine before IWM
  • will clone intermine server
  • intermine.wormbase.org
    • TH: dns, email, will clone instance, add disk space
  • login via REST

5. GFF2/GFF3/GBrowse status (Joachim; 5 minutes)

  • looking at it, will start loading data into the database, see how it goes on wb-dev
  • otherwise, wait till monday for WS238 data loaded
  • MMP issue, removed from allele track
    • add column in table (source or method?)

6. Define IWM meeting preparation timeline (all; 5 minutes)

  • one month out
  • register for meeting, register for housing!
  • presentations in place by June 10th
    • review presentations that week
  • secure projector for booth
  • pre/post meeting - don't arrange flights yet
    • before?

7. Discuss WS238 development plans (all; 10 minutes)

  • compressed release
    • don't try to tackle much
    • staging nearly complete - rebuilding gff files now
      • monday next week on dev (WS238)
  • standardization of GFF - sources/methods have changed - FOCUS ON THIS
    • 1) get GBrowse working (Joachim)
    • 2) make sure app fetches segments properly (Abby)

8. General discussion on strategies for unifying login (all; 10 minutes)

  • try to get this done for IWM, if not, hide the intermine login button

Open table

  • Monday is a holiday in the US - no calls for AC, JB