WebDev 2013.05.06-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Faster caching by storing data structures - but slower HTML generation
  • TODO: run html under load (AB - benchmarking tool)
  • TODO: will look into templating - speed up


  • gene feature on reverse strand showing reverse.
    • GBrowse problem.
    • Waiting for GMOD to get back
  • Standardize config
    • Kevin & Michael are working on GBrowse config - communicate with them
  • GFF3
    • WS238
    • JB wants a snapshot, see the difference
  • spreadsheet - TH will find it
  • Looking at several issues - feature page, location widget, already there?
    • sequence should be shown on feature

Intermine Progress

  • configuration - going well
  • began branding the webapp
    • webapp
    • going through all webapp docs to understand config files
    • will redirect links to WB report pages
    • bring in header/footer to intermine
  • Documenting intermine
    • engage curators/users
    • get more feedback - need to teach ppl how to use it
    • leave feedback please
  • Engaging Raymond more
    • Writing docs/modifying configs
    • Intermine liason w/ curators
    • JD will focus on technical issues
    • Regular calls every week - WormMine strategy
  • WormMine tutorial - after Full Group call
    • TH: might not be a good time?
    • JB: record tutorial
  • Hosting
    • how will this perform under load?
  • Is the data correct?
    • No idea - get curators to test
    • Raymond can do this?
  • WB app
    • added cytoscape to Process page
  • Intermine meeting


  • work on production environment
    • problem where email is being black listed from one node
    • problems registering to forums
  • We should look into MyWormBase