WebDev 2013.04.22-Agenda and Minutes

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Attending: Abby, JD, Joachim Regrets: Todd

Location: 5th floor kitchen

Update with agenda items


Updates from everyone.


Intermine Data Loading

  • going well
  • loaded:
    • elegans: gene, transcript, cds locations
    • all species: gene, transcript, cds, protein, variation, phenotype, go_term, sequences data
  • build times: takes ~14 hours
  • currently loading gene expression (expression cluster/pattern, life stage, others)
  • data loading deadline - Tuesday (may not make this due to loading time)
    • afterwards will focus on ui, train curators
  • migrated primary working directory to nfs mount - yay space!


GBrowse Installation

  • installed apached on wb-dev
    • redid 2.54 gbrowse build - running standalone
    • haven't tested inside web interface
  • updating README, and wiki
  • gbrowse installation in local directory


External urls

  • working with Daniela, moving Picture page links over

Disease page

  • for Ranjana to be done in WS237
  • also working on other WS237 issues