WebDev 2011.07.20-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

BioMart status (5 minutes)

Review public beta milestones (All; 10 minutes)

Copied and pasted here from the original July 6th conference call notes

Release target: on or before 9/1/2011

  • Six (group or individual) focus group tests
Abby: two from UofT (2011.07.19)
Todd: individual from U of Utah (2011.07.21)
Todd: individual from Lewis & CLark (2011.07.22)
  • Benchmarking and profiling (Todd)
  • Model development support for flat file queries (Norie)
  • View development in support of model changes: ontology, orthology, disease (Norie)
  • Error trapping and logging (Todd; Abby)
  • Central Dogma navigation element (Abby)
  • POC Summary page searches, eg Expr Pattern (Todd)
  • Omnipresent sequence download options (Abby)
  • Support for wiki integration and/or in-app content management (Abby)
  • Automation of Xapian db
WS226 generated with types for papers
Abby updating build for classifying papers; will re=run for WS226
Will pass along code to Todd for slotting in
  • Documentation and boilerplate in place (all)

* Issue reporting system tested; reporting in place (Todd)

added severity option
issues can be reported privately to wormbase staff
color-coded issues by severity. Kinda ugly.
tested role-specific UI elements: admins can delete; curators can be assigned; admins * curators can see private issues.
issues still tied to pages; no option exists for generic global issue
  • Commenting system tested; reporting in place

* COMPLETE: Deployment strategy (Todd)

Formal software life cycle
Production deployment
  • Tested and documented production architecture (Todd)
  • User survey and link in place
Link in place; need to review survey contents
  • Heterogeneous caching (Todd)
in testing
  • Portals? (Abby)
  • Auth/Auth, Facebook login (Todd: SSL; Abby: Facebook not required for beta launch)
  • matrix of user roles and capabilities: admin, curator, operator, editor
admins: curator + delete issues
curators: be assigned issues
  • Retire (most) sidebar-free pages. They should ALL have the sidebar.
  • User list UI, enable admins to promote users
  • Schema review