WebDev 2011.06.01-Agenda and Minutes

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Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • WS225 due out last week, couple of curators asked for hold till push out to production, will happen shortly
  • WS226 waiting for release

Staging pipeline progress (Norie; 10 minutes)

  • Finishing up Ontology resources compile
  • Updated documentation
  • Evaluated use of compiled files for WB 2.0

Development Goals (all; 15 minutes)

Week of 5/30

  • External Model
    • Finish class support: Anatomy_term, GO_Term, Phenotype (Norie)
  • App behavior
    • Error trapping, logging, reporting (Todd)
    • Wrap up Auth/Auth (Abby)
  • Admin
    • Finish production environment (Todd)

Week of 6/6

  • App behavior:
    • Review, test, and debug application behavior (Abby)
    • Log levels, debug statements in production (Todd/Abby)
  • UI
    • Confirm GBrowse integration (Abby)
    • Add prominent links to survey (Abby)
    • Finish central dogma display / navigation (Todd)
    • Add ubiquitous sequence download links (Todd)
    • Ontologies (Norie)
  • Admin
    • Develop user survey (Todd)

Week of 6/13

  • Test
    • Login
    • Chat
    • Search
    • Load
  • Admin
    • Add api.wormbase.org docs (Todd)
    • Prepare plenary talk (Todd)
    • Prepare workshop talk (Abby)

Open Table (all)