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Complete by 5/25
Complete by 5/25
* additional user testing in the last month
== Open Table ==
== Open Table ==

Latest revision as of 20:41, 11 May 2011


Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • Consolidation of FTP resourceses -- new and simpler structure for site developed bet. TH and Kevin
  • Files will be maintained on ftp.wormbase.org
  • names and formats and paths standardized
  • organized by release and symlinks reorg access via species -- all files have name/version/content
  • allows addition of new species data for availability
  • Frozen releases -- WS220 now up

UI development update (Abby, all; 15 minutes)

  • Working on log-in procedure -- simplifying
  • Search -- basically done

Discuss progress on external model development (Norie; 10 minutes)

Disease UI for gene; working on disease model per se

Architecture progress for new website (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • Hosting environment
  • experimenting with new technologies on dev -- in add'n to squid -- INGENX alone? lightweight; Apache with FastCGI
  • next step -- decide on two different approaches (at least)
  • we will have a pool hosting new website
  • hope to have servers provisioned this week.

Development Timeline (all; 10 minutes)

  • Look and feel issues -- CSS oddities bet. browsers
  • UI polishing
  • Continue with testing
  • Production environment

Complete by 5/25

  • additional user testing in the last month

Open Table