WebDev 2011.03.23-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Model and View development (Norie, Adrian; 10 minutes)

Norie: Phenotype under polish; Anatomy and GO underway; all models under my name has at least an overview.tt2 running methods.

Adrian: Working on pictures, working on mapping, new file under Wormbase API called model map: Oligo, Sequence, Anatomy -- tag2link is still a problem, working on fixing, config file solution?

2. Methods work (Adrian; 10 minutes)

see item #1.

3. Search Update (Abby; 10 minutes)

Fixing things that weren't working on the UI -- most dependent on items built on objects, more page oriented rather than object;

4. WormMart status (Ruihua; 10 minutes)

5. Open Table