WebDev 2011.03.09-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Administrative Update (Todd; 5 minutes)

  • Development server problems resolved

2. Model progress update (Norie, Adrian; 15 minutes)

  • NBC: 2nd pass to standardize external models done; getting going on "basic" templates; will do Locus
  • AD: Abstracted/Reorganized some methods for Role

3. Search module update (Abby; 10 minutes)



forward on exact: http://dev.wormbase.org:9010/search/gene/unc-26

approximate reverse chronological: http://dev.wormbase.org:9010/search/paper/unc-26

autocomplete: http://dev.wormbase.org:9010/search

4. UI/Content reviews: notes and schedule (All; 10 minutes)

  • TH made a bunch of UI changes; resolved issues
  • Will keep developments on a branch for the meantime
  • Discussion on button placements; NB: only one person complained about the mouse-over during demo

5. 'Mart Update (Ruihua; 5 minutes)

6. Open Table

NBC: gone 3/16 pm to 3/18

AD: Analysis on testing -- will probably need test db; full data for one object instance, one for each class; defective object? Have Sanger add this?