WebDev 2009.11.11-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Sanger visit review (Todd; 10 minutes)

  • Worked on a large no. of things while there
  • AceDB work to produce GFF3 (with Ed Griffith)
  • Simplify the update pipeline -- MySQL dbs for GFF files
  • Sanger mirror put up-to-date
  • Migrate dump DB to Caltech

2. Detail WS208 build status (Norie; 10 minutes)

  • data from Sanger installed
  • Staring testing soon
  • MySQL database for nBrowse
  • Paralog display; intersection of BP and MF
  • Porting Treefam maps over to paralog display

3. modENCODE and GBrowse2 status (Abby; 10 minutes)


  • GBrowse2 working in personal dev site
  • Question on using GFF2 files still? TH:Will also use for now
  • TH: A little bit of work was also done for modENCODE stuff
  • GB2 scheduled for WS209
  • TH: Abby to document GB2 install
  • TH: Abby to install in main dev server for WS209
  • Convert in earnest after WS208
  • Formatting config files
  • XX to add inline images

4. Development updates (Xiaoqi; 10 minutes)

  • Inline image conversion -- long term project
  • TH: Check gene page for inline image inclusion
  • TH: Also check for GB2 version of adding inline images, check of the history of the gene page CVS commits

5. 'Mart status (Zheng; 5 minutes)

  • Finished WS200 Mart build
  • Two versions available: WS200 and 202
  • For WS204 Mart build -- go to Sanger (ftp.sanger.ac.uk) or TH will get data for him.
  • Working on some issues

6. Open Table