WebDev 2009.09.23-Agenda and Minutes

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1. Minutes from 2009.09.16

- Reviewed and approved

2. Administration updates (Todd; 5 minutes)

- Caltech mirror site up and running
- WS205 frozen release to be finished today
- Creating backups for frozen releases
- Looking to move data mining services to OICR

3. WS206 development summary (Norie; 5 minutes)

4. Describe WS207 build update (Norie; 10 minutes)

5. Discuss AceDB -> PF (Xiaoqi; 10 minutes)

- Has 14 features to process
- Some features unavailable like enzyme id
- LS: development should include Worm Reactome which provide data via web services in XML format
- Xiaoqi to contact Guanming for details on linking

6. modENCODE migration update (Abby; 10 minutes)

- GFF3 to GFF2 converted needs testing vs. more than one dataset; waiting for data
- To discuss mapping of data to WS190 with Sanger; waiting for files
- Working on Operon Summary Page rebuild with NBC

7. Outreach efforts (Todd; 5 minutes)

- Wormbase moving from C elegans centric userbase to include all nematode Biologist
- Working on ways to assist users in finding data: 1) Site map upgrade; 2) 1.2 M URLs submitted to Google
- Looking into other facets of the web pages to assist search engines: Meta Descriptions, titles, etc.
- Other suggestions:  LS: Generate pages for WikiPedia; AC: Welcome Page, Tip of the day, etc.

Open Table

- Zheng: little progress this time around on WormMart
- LS: Host WormMart on one of the OICR virtual machines, TH to discuss with this with services
- WebDev meetings moved to 4-5 EST slot starting next week to enable people to attend journal club