WBConfCall 2022.10.06-Agenda and Minutes

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Help desk issues


  • Re-name the field "Gene name evidence:" to "Gene name originator:" on gene pages
    • Helpful to make ticket
  • For WS287, WBPaper pages will have links to Europe PMC, as well as PubMed
  • New JBrowse links from WBPaper pages in the works
  • WS287 build starts next week (Monday)
    • Magdalena has started the pre-build; Stavros will take over
    • Only C. elegans
    • Please submit release notes to Stavros (Slack, email, etc.)
  • Next year 25th anniversary of the C. elegans genome article
    • Opportunity to write a commentary on the genome sequence anniversary
    • Could it coincide with the 2023 International C. elegans Meeting? Would be nice
    • We could invite thoughts, musings, history on the genome from WormBase user community
  • Baghwati Gupta idea to have a weekly seminar series (Zoom, delocalized) for each lab to present
    • Good way to get global updates and a sense of the state of the field
    • Worm Board (if active) or GSA could (help) organize; could expand into other domains
    • Could be an opportunity to make community announcements, e.g. Please cite WormBase, etc.
  • Paul joined SGD SAB recently
    • SGD has good Alliance links; including the species hexagons
    • Would be good for SGD to share their API for making links and displaying hexagons, etc.
    • Sharing would help build a generic Alliance connection infrastructure
    • We (WB) can reach out to SGD to see how they're doing it and how the other Alliance MODs could implement
    • SGD has most traffic (normalized) to the Alliance, perhaps due to this feature
      • Difficult to accurately assess traffic, but would be good to expand Alliance connections
      • Traffic data suggest users come to an Alliance page and then leave; could be good or bad, depends
  • Connecting to the Alliance
  • Webteam has had to deal with many changes to AWS
  • Alliance uses cookies? Yes, although no warning to EU users and not for commercial purposes
  • 2023 International C. elegans Meeting
    • https://genetics-gsa.org/celegans/
    • Planned to be in person currently? Zoom option?
    • Workshop deadlines?
    • Freebies & schwag?
    • WormCoin? ;)
    • Could be travel concerns; GSA sent one question survey