WBConfCall 2022.08.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

  • Helpdesk
  • Clone, fosmid and cosmid availability [MZ]

  • WB grant -> due Thursday September 22nd
    • PO still thinking about the LOI
    • Same study section as FB
    • Focus on new things we are going to do - include details, numbers and deliverables and milestones
    • Figure out what type of curation we want to do, prioritize, and put down numbers on how long is going to take. Document on why a certain datatype is important (e.g. expression pattern, phenotype).
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gl2NNsb1I4bBwPHP6Z8xs5cff5FrtnFuWJRedR8Uwo0/edit
  • SAB
    • We will have one later on, after the grant will be in
    • Parasite has an expert group (people familiar with the resource), who give more detailed feedback on missing data, how things can be improved on a practical level. Should we consider something like this for WormBase? Paul S.: We can do it
      • Make a doc with a list of focus groups? Tight for the grant, can do for later on.
        • e.g. 6 people (experts in the field) for datatype
        • focus on new data types, neural connectivity, single cell RNAseq
    • What to do with data such as FPKM displays. Todd: more of a generic question. What are we generally keeping for the transition to Alliance and what are we getting rid of (or display as a per se component).
      • Need a list of all widget.

  • Paper corpora for all species [MM & MZ]