WBConfCall 2022.04.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

1. RK strain information mystery #8608 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8608 [Paul]

2. Hello, I just wanted to let you know ... #8607 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8607 [Stavros] - resequenced variant needs correction

3. Is there a (simple?) way to get the s... #8606 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8606 [Stavros] - replied

4. Config problem for images/links to JBrowse for C. remanei #8605 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8605 [Scott]

5. JBrowse RNAseq question from user #8604 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8604 [Stavros]

6. Please check the naming of mek-5 (E02... #8602 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8602 - Tim responded

7. How do I change my primary email addr... #8600 https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8600 - Cecilia responded, we are probably waiting for response from the user

8. Nameservice - number of structure checks outstanding [Stavros]


Open Helpdesk tickets discussed.

Guy Cochrane (head of ENA at EBI) appointed as an Executive Director of the Global Biodata Coalition, which works with research funders to optimise the funding and management of biodata resources worldwide.

AGR and Wormbase both applied to join.