WBConfCall 2022.03.03-Agenda and Minutes

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  • New Hinxton WormBase GTL: Sarah Dyer
  • Follow-up to BioCyc presentation
    • From Peter K: "we would be open to discussing further with you the idea of inserting WormCyc pathway diagrams in Wormbase pages."
    • Next steps?

WormBase can add an embedded image (we need an API endpoint). PS. We should discuss/consider about doing that for AGR as well.

  • Helpdesk
    • All clear

There were some power issues with Caltech causing some services to be down. Currently trying to make them more persistent (AWS). SimpleMine discussion: Wen will send some AGR-related SimpleMine tickets to Magz.

  • CGC data exchange revamp [Paul D]
    • Issues/Fixes
      • Long time since it was run and had support
      • Sanger MySQL NS retired - decoupled as lots of false +ves generates tmp_Ids for manual review.
      • Transgene IDs - The data retrieval and processing broken : Caltech-side Curation write-up here
      • Sanger->EBI - Infrastructure dependencies
      • CGC_data format - subtle changes over time broke the parser
    • EBI->CalTech
      • Start sending Transgene report (to Karen)
      • Author info report.....what should we do with this?
  • WS285 schema
    • 2 changes:
      • Wen - Expression_cluster tag for Single_Cell_RNASeq //Wen WS285 for CenGen data
      • Daniela - Expression model tag removals
    • Schedule:
      • Models release Friday/Monday March 04/07
      • Data freeze Monday March 28)
    • Baer lab data ingest, possibly coming for WS285, ~1000 C. elegans spontaneous mutation accumulation (some interim data will be sent from Charlie. We'll investigate how we can add it to WB).
    • Any other new data for WS285?
  • WS284 news [Magz]
    • 90 miRNA gene clusters from MirGeneDB - see issue #8466 for web-display
    • AlphaFold links

A web-ticket will be created for AlphaFold from PD.