WBConfCall 2021.09.16-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes



Variant Pipeline Addition

Meeting was held to discuss implementation of GSoC project

- Agree to implement the code
- Hinxton will be testing and providing feedback on results
- Once optimized and tested, it could be included in the AFP tools (as well as general variant curation from the literature)

WormBase Parasite Release

  • Release 16 has just gone live


  • C. elegans update in Ensembl underway, for release e106

WS283 Planning

Model frozen, including all submitted change requests

Start 4th Oct.

  • What new data are we including?
    • Planning on:
    • 3 sets of new variant data from CGC, PS, VC. (if available)
    • NBRP major update. (if available)
    • C. briggsae operon update - requiring a partial rebuild.

Future release dates need to be considered as WS283 is the last we have currently planned for.

Genetics Paper

Draft will be circulated shortly for feedback

Submit ASAP