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== Genetics Paper==
== Genetics Paper==
Draft will be circulated shortly for feedback (Paul D)
Draft will be circulated shortly for feedback (Paul D)
== WS282 CeNGEN graph patch ==

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Agenda and Minutes



Variant Pipeline Addition

Meeting was held to discuss implementation of GSoC project (Valerio, Magz)

- Agree to implement the code
- Hinxton will be testing and providing feedback on results
- Once optimized and tested, it could be included in the AFP tools and micropublication (as well as general variant curation from the literature)
- Rishab is keen to continue, looking into the logistics of this.

WormBase Parasite Release

  • Release 16 has just gone live (Dio)


  • New archive site for previous releases of the site...not full functionality
  • C. elegans update in Ensembl underway, for release e106
  • Ranjana can tweet from WB account.

WS283 Planning

Model frozen, including all submitted change requests (Paul D)

Start 4th Oct.

  • What new data are we including?
    • Planning on:
    • 3 sets of new variant data from CGC, PS, VC. (if available)
    • NBRP major update. (if available)
    • C. briggsae operon update - requiring a partial rebuild.

Future release dates need to be considered as WS283 is the last we have currently planned for.

Genetics Paper

Draft will be circulated shortly for feedback (Paul D)

WS282 CeNGEN graph patch

Submit ASAP


EBI FTP changes EBI is moving data from one compute culster to the other, which will affect FTP uploads and downloads, but should not be noticeable to external users