WBConfCall 2021.07.15-Agenda and Minutes

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Outstanding github tickets

  • being dealt with -DNA_text for constructs
    • What does the uppercase letter represent and what design do we want to display this. Should we display it the same as sequences in the Variation Molecular detail widget?

We will check the dumper and converter steps to see if text case is preserved. May spend more efforts later per AGR consensus.

  • How should WB start using the literature system?
    • Once the literature database is being updated instead of reloaded (September), should we be creating new papers at the alliance first or in the WB curation database and then importing them in.
    • Suggestion (Kimberly): form an internal WB working group to plan the transition from WB to Alliance. Paper approval and acquisition are the first steps in our curation process and we should make sure we've got a good plan in place before we make the switch.


Apologies: Karen (I need to leave 30 minutes into the meeting)