WBConfCall 2021.06.17-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

WS281 issues

  • Empty assemblies[] in the ASSEMBLIES.WS281.json file
  • discordant feature names in Ace and GFF for (at least some) Tier III species


CenGen data

  • Initially discussed to have the bar plot images going in as image data
  • CenGen group wants interactive bar plots similar to the modENCODE bar plots currently displayed in the FPKM expression data section on the expression widget. That way users could hover over a bar plot and see the cell type, the expression value (TPM, in our case) and the proportion of cells of each neuron type expressing the gene.
  • They can provide the underlying data and have the WB team generate interactive plots for each gene

We could: 1. bring the data files in OR 2. call the CenGen API on the fly

  • The first approach may be more work but better in the long run as we store the data
  • Can the files be stored on the ftp and the plots be displayed on the expression widget?
  • Bring in data both as pictures and interactive bar plots