WBConfCall 2021.06.03-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

WS281 New data for the release letter


Hinxton (follow on):

  • Expanded collection of C. elegans comparator genomes by adding a chromosome-scale draft C. bovis assembly {PMID:32109387}, and nine further draft assemblies of newly described Caenorhabditis species {PMID:1007946} and replaced two C. remanei strains (PX356 and PX439) with animproved chromosome-scale assembly of C. remanei PX506 {PMID:32111628}.

GSoC student to work on genomic locations of Variants

  • Hinxton has a GSoC student (Rishab) who will be working on extracting the genomic location of variations from full-text papers

IWM coordination

  • Do we need to plan anything together for the upcoming IWM?

WS280 WormBase ftp resync

  • There are still some issues with the C. elegans GAF and GPI files on the WormBase ftp site that are causing the GO release to fail
  • Corrected files are available on the EBI ftp site
  • If we haven't already, can we resync the ftp server?