WBConfCall 2021.04.15-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

Open tickets:

  1. Updating Anatomy and Development (life stage) GAFs #8171
  2. Some fixes to files needed in new ONTOLOGY FTP directory for WS280 and beyond #8172
  3. WBPS data missing from WB FTP site #8177
  4. Hi, I have started a new lab. Could y... #8179
  5. Expand drop down menu: Add "External resources" to Resources pull down menu #5062

Agenda and Minutes

  1. Went through tickets - it appears as if everything is under control
  2. Kevin raised concerns of whether or not we need to have an ID minting service at the alliance
    1. Adam thinks it would add flexibility to the system but might not be necessary
    2. Will bring this up with the Alliance Technical Planning Team to decide
  3. We decided that Todd would create a Zoom account for the Alliance!
  4. Todd Brought up compressing large UCSC browser files - Kevin said good idea
  5. We determined that it is Hinxtons turn to write the yearly NAR paper. We are also looking into creating a more in-depth paper for Genetics.
    1. This is due August 1st
      1. They will be starting a Google Doc right away


  1. ID Minting Service... Are we able to adapt our Service for the Alliance? Can we use design concepts for the Alliance?
  2. Zoom channel for Alliance Working Group calls

General Alliance and WB data discussion