WBConfCall 2021.04.01-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

  • Karen handing over to Wen
  • As of 12:098 BST all helpdesk tickets are being dealt with or closed, except github ticket #8156 - needs a reply from textpresso group (Valerio will take care of it)
  • Erich highlighted the deprecation of the ftp protocol in some browsers as an issue.
    • Made him aware of the issue and suggested WB can't really do much about the ftp protocol security.
  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/8156

Agenda and Minutes


1. IWM: what needs to be prepared?
Update: Workshop accepted, latest ask is for a more detailed schedule.
Action: Chris and Ranjana will get back to people.

2. Daniela brought up model changes for CENGen expression data
Paul D. will try to get it in for WS281
Paul S. Oliver Hobert anticipate Cell paper coming out in next couple months- good to have the model in for this. Will have another paper with males single-cell RNASeq.

WB Paper Data to Alliance

Agreement to export data from postgres to Alliance; only dumping paper data (bibliographical info, author objects, eventually person objects, eventually flags-and-tags data that doesn't make it into acedb). We loose foreign characters in acedb, so we'll be able to keep those in postgres and pass them on to Alliance.

Upcoming webinars