WBConfCall 2021.03.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Agenda and Minutes

Data migration to AGR conclusion

Most - but not all - scientific data is held in AceDB We also hold "curation data", for example the curation status of a paper, separately How to transfer data is not yet urgent to sort out, as AGR has not yet created the DBs to transfer the data to. But it is good that we have awareness about which data is held where, and in which format, so we can scope and plan the work of incrementally transfer more and more data to the Alliance.

BioLink ML model example

Circulated https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Kn7-zNhfZ9zo7bi3v3rSYDZrjJd_Vtq-aGGfH1Fk5YY/edit#slide=id.gc605ccf066_0_210 Discussions around how the BioLink model could work for us, and how it could be implemented in different types of databases.

WB Paper Data to Alliance

  • Should we migrate our entire bibliography or only a subset?
    • Migrate a subset of papers for a defined list of species?
    • Some non-C. elegans papers may have been used as evidence for certain data types
    • Some of our non-C. elegans papers may be included in other groups' corpora
  • Some possible changes to WB models to improve our paper, author, person curation pipelines
    • Review ?Author model and create author ids
    • Would allow us to store author information from the PubMed XML in a more systematic way
    • Easier author-person curation, e.g. if we capture an author orcid from the PubMed XML, it would be easier to connect the right WBPerson
    • Retire #Affiliation hash and capture author information in a new ?Author model
    • Example In ACeDB

Author class example.png

Decision: We decide to share our entire bibliography to the Alliance. Re-thinking how we do the author-person connection to fit in with what AGR does, and what it makes sense for us to model. Model changes tenatively scheduled for WS281.

Updated release letter

Hx are thinking of reformatting the release letter, which is currently being built in the build using a script that pull out some stats. Paolo has now developed a webpagee (preview) https://master.d25n59ij2csrbn.amplifyapp.com/ which can show the data as dynamic links and queries out to wormmine, so that users cannot only see the objects, but also click through to gets lists of all objects in a certain category.

Upcoming WB Webinars

Cengen-de web app online

IWM 2021 WB workshop

WB annual/biannual publication in Genetics (in lieu of NAR)

Single cell presentation


Information document to share with users - which format does it need to be in? Action: Todd and Eduardo to touch base.