WBConfCall 2021.02.04-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

There is already an ongoing discussion
Already taken care of
There is already an ongoing discussion
Kimberly is looking into it. We need to decide if that specific patent can be included. We don't have a paper type for patents and they are not peer reviewed (at least the experiments are not). It can be added as a meeting abstract.
Raymond is thinking about an easy to display solution. Maybe adding more info to the reference page with some sort of concise description of anatomy function. Another option would be to have a separate widget for anatomy function.
Raymond, Daniela, Eduardo and Wen are planning to start working on this in late February

Agenda and Minutes

GAF files

Do we need to remove annotations to other species? For GO, we have separate files, but till now we had C. elegans only GAF files for all other data types. Is it worth to create new species specific GAF anatomy files if we have only a handful of annotations? New GO GAF specifications have taxonID, so a single file with multiple species would be ok.
The FTP folder contains duplicate species specific files in the overall folder and in the species specific folders. Kevin is proposing to remove species specific files from the overall folder and leave them in species folders only. Hinxton will add empty files for species without annotations. We'll leave symlinks in the main folder for now and we'll completely remove the redundant files for WS281.

AOB: Dates for WS281 build?

Proposed quarterly release cycle: April-July-October-January. We could release the last day of the months in the cycle.