WBConfCall 2021.01.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk

  • ePCR tool is not working. #8049 - Electronic-PCR (e-PCR) is retiring, use Primer-BLAST instead?

Alternative at UCSC [1]

  • The nomenclature page can not be printed as shown in the page. The dialog boxes are overlapped with the contents in the printout. #8055,#8056 - Only Copy&paste of the contents is the solution now.
  • Life stage specific expression data for gene set. #8057- Daniela responded this morning
  • Hello, I’m a student in Dr. Andrew Fi... [2]. Source of data is unknown

Agenda and Minutes

ePCR tool

  • The tool was not working because of disconnecting the blast database. After fixing the connection, ePCR tool is working now.
  • Other ePCR tool is available at UCSC.

Wormbase wen page printing issue

  • User couldn't print out the nomenclature document page as displayed in the web page.
  • Sibyl is now working on it to solve the issue.

References for the Genome browser tracks

  • We must keep the sources and references of every tracks in the genome browser for users as well as curation processes.
  • Do we need to reorganize the Jbrowse tracks after migrating it to AGR? Organizing the tracks is needed to add more useful features like cell-specific gene expression data or predicted TF binding site/motif.