WBConfCall 2020.12.17-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk



  • CeNGEN
    • Will talk in January for integration into WormBase: who should be on that call?
      • Eduardo et al.
    • Eduardo has several ideas about how to integrate and display
      • Has slides (for Alliance) with a breakdown of technology over time, species represented (mostly human and mouse)
      • First C. elegans dataset in 2017; another in 2019 with re-annotation of 2017 dataset
      • scRNA-seq data sets are in a big sparse matrix
      • Data in raw FASTQ file --> read alignments --> unfiltered matrix --> barcode filtering --> filtered matrix
      • Data deposited usually at SRA and ENA, but often not raw data, usually the already filtered matrix (sometimes even more processed than that)
      • Human Cell Atlas Data Portal (data.humacellatlas.org) (only human and mouse; not interested in other species)
      • COVID19 cell atlas (covid19cellatlas.org)
      • CellXGene (https://cellxgene.cziscience.com/)