WBConfCall 2020.11.19-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Regrets: Kimberly (GO-CAM workshop this week), Paul D and Magz (annual leave)

WormBase Webinars

  • JBrowse Webinar 11/20 10 am PST
  • pre-webinar slide show (when people are waiting) & polls (when there is no question during Q&A)
  • User Questionnaire

Human Genes in WormBase

  • Karen & Ranjana raised the issue. Need Hinxton team's input

Release Coordination

  • For information: WS279 Hinxton has fixed most build-time issues, and are working on fixes of post-build issues

Social Hour?

Help Desk

  • Shih-Peng Chan is looking for her account
  • JBrowse high resolution images for Oliver Hobart



  • Sibyl will check the account question
  • JBrowse2 might support SVG


  • JBrowse webinar is tomorrow (10am)
  • if anyone would like to add to the waiting presentation, please submit them
  • the survey is also for tomorrow

Release Coordination

  • the reported issues have been fixed and there are new files for WS279
  • Valerio is testing if the new files work for the gene description pipeline

Human Genes

  • we want to keep the annotation lightweight and refer for disambiguation and history to a.e. AGR
  • the id could be added as database-xref to AGR or as reference to a gene stub imported from AGR

Social Time

  • good idea
  • we will try different times