WBConfCall 2020.10.15-Agenda and Minutes

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WormBase Webinars

  • Webinar registration: each session got 92 - 129 signups (by 8am PDT on 10/15).
  • Webinar announcement posted on WB Blog/Twitter, Worm FB & Slack channel.
  • Over a dozen WB patrons are helping us by promoting the webinars on their social media and local email lists (SF, Toronto, Colorado, NY Upstate, Michigan, Maryland, Harvard/Longwood ...)
  • Person ID autocomplete function failed. 3 confirmation emails were bounced back. Wen looked up their contact info online and forwarded the confirmation email to the correct email addresses.
  • Caltech Zoom will accommodate 300 participants
  • Do we need more promotion? (Other regional email lists, MicroPub email list ?)

Help Desk


Help Desk

  • one week since announcement sent
  • >100 RSVPs for several of meetings
  • CG: should do a trial run on Zoom
  • KY: microPub has hosted some meetings
  • TH: Presenter shouldn’t also be the stage manager
  • KY: Maybe a sign up sheet for each meeting for different roles?
  • Continue promotion via email, SM, etc
  • Discussion on organizing the Zoom meeting
    • TH: Perhaps an introduction
    • How to handle chat?
    • Monitoring, selecting, repeating, and sending to the presenter
    • Replying in person in the chat
  • Practice session
    • Wen will send out invite for practice session

  • Gary’s last conference call!
  • CG: How to field questions on parasitic infections?
  • MZ: When in Matt’s group, avoided medical questions
  • MZ: will follow up with Chris
  • PS: By 2023, NHGRI will cut to 50% of 2016 levels
    • How to transition to Alliance, drum up other funding, etc
    • Providing clarity for other groups