WBConfCall 2020.10.01-Agenda and Minutes

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WormBase Webinars

Current Production Release on FTP is still WS276


  • Kimberly/Paul - Species model additions
 > ?Species Evidence #Evidence                // Meta data for why the object was created
 >         References ?Paper     (optional XREF Species_in_paper)
 >         Remark ?Text #Evidence 

Help Desk

  • Emails sent to help@wormbase.org did not generate github tickets.

* "phm-2 has been cloned. It is F32B4.4" help desk email from Jonathan Ewbank Sept 30 GitHub ticket #7905

  • "eiF3-L and dhs-6 confusion" help desk email from Mary-Anne Felix Sept 29 -- [PD I will look at this]

* "paper link missing to sax-1?" help desk email from Nathalie Pujol Sept 26
** all gene-paper links for that paper have been added to the paper object; responded to Nathalie (Kimberly)