WBConfCall 2020.09.03-Agenda and Minutes

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New Starters

  • Stavros Diamantakis (curator)
  • Magdalena Zarowieki (group leader)

Help Desk

  • The gene descriptions seem to have er... #7844 (Ranjana/Kimberly is on that)

WS279 Release

No model changes

Proposed schedule

  • Models - 4th Sept
  • Upload - 25th Sept
  • FTP - 30th Oct (Target)



  • data should be on EBI FTP within the next few days, Gary will inform staff when it is ready


  • gene descriptions could be handed over after the upload date
  • the planned dates for upload/etc. fine as far as all WB groups are concerned
  • there was a discussion on running the gene description pipeline at EBI
    • development
    • quality control would need to be automated
    • synchronicity / update cycle
    • ACTION we will try to provide the data for GD during the build (starting for WS280)