WBConfCall 2020.06.18-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Is it confirmed? July 10 Citaace upload to Hinxton.

Testing data for WS278 model changes

  • All disease data files passed Caltech and Hinxton testing
  • New genotype data file passed testing

AFP entity extraction

  • Strain to paper association. Does every strain mentioned in the paper need to be connected? e.g. N2, OP50.. What about alleles and transgender used as reagents?
  • Species association. For species we are using a threshold that is quite high (10 mentions) that gets rid of false positives (e.g. anti-mouse, anti-rabbit antibodies, etc..). We have some papers, though that mention other nematodes with a low count (especially for phylogenetic studies) but might be worth to record in WB. Would it be worth to set up a separate pipeline that identifies those papers and populates a reference widget in WB for a given species (e.g. brenneri, japonica, pacificus, ..)?

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