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Aim for F2F by June 2020 - California or alternative.
Aim for F2F by June 2020 - California or alternative.
Doodle for meeting dates - Early April or late April / May
Doodle for meeting dates - April / May
Doc for agenda/topics
Doc for agenda/topics

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Advisory Board Meeting

any dates/etc.?

RNASeq Meta-Data for AGR

what are the plans?

  • The EWG (high-throughput) has been discussing what kind of meta-data information to include for AGR 3.0. We will probably finalize the information table next Monday. Here is the meta-data table that we are looking at:


Help Desk

  • Alaska memory bug?

Is there a link from WormBase to Alaska, and an announcement about its function?

WormBase resources for non-coding RNA

  • Is it possible that Hinxton gives Caltech a tutorial on what kind of curation and resources that WormBase has for non-coding RNA? It will be very helpful for us to answer help-desk questions and future on-site tutorials. A zoom meeting will be good.


CalTech F2F meeting

  • Need PS for this, but not on the call


  • Can teleconference for the grant and NIH


  • What do people want? Project meeting?
  • AceDB datomic? - what do we want to do.
  • Would be good to get together, could have a documentation session
  • Punt this to the next call
  • Have document of things to discuss as a group.
  • What don't we want to discuss?
  • Same room: Technical direction for the alliance Also curation priorities. Rebalancing what to prioritise, to produce a revised plan.

July 2018 OICR last one

Aim for F2F by June 2020 - California or alternative.

Doodle for meeting dates - April / May

Doc for agenda/topics

RNASeq meta data

  • Mentioned in the DQM
  • currently curated at both HX and CalTech
    • Need to have a working procedure.
    • Been through the whole table...almost have finalised schema - would be good to have the schema in the database
    • Deadline for V3 was last friday, but poss can add data in.
    • Wen will comunicate with Hinxton.


  • Project to J & Raymond working with Post Doc and UG student
  • Post Doc moved on not sure of student support
  • Not in state where WB can take it on?
  • WB only getting bugs as Joseph put help@wormbase.org as contact
  • Premature to release and link to WB.

RNA resources

Wen - added, not confident about answering HD issues. Chris will be giving a talk so background would be good.

HelpDesk questions should be answering by HX

  • Onsite meetings - Would be good to have knowledge provided to CalTech
  • Some summarisation in the grant application.
  • HX could create a tutorial with help from others about data mining etc.
  • Persue feedback to drill down
  • linking data types to references
  • Follow with a blog

Open Floor