WBConfCall 2019.11.07-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk


  • Adding tags to ?Paper and ?Person to track community curation more explicitly in WormBase
  • See github ticket

Caltech will upload data for WS275 on Nov. 22 so we hope the new schema can be released next week.



WormBook movies

We can't solve this. It is not our issue. The query should be forwarded to Daniel at WormBook.

CSV download

This issue is assigned to Todd. It should be reviewed again in the future to track progress.


Paul D - there should be no problem implementing this, it is a simple addition of tags

Chris - will continue work on refining the tags for phenotype curation.

There was a discussion of sending papers to the Alliance before peer-review.

Wen / Paul D / Kevin - Discussion of when the changes can be expected for WS275. Paul D can make the changes to the models by next Wednesday or Thursday. The data upload is scheduled for November 22nd. It is early to avoid Thanksgiving and Xmas.


Scott said he had a user who was complaining about the number of transcripts in daf-16.

He will send Gary W his details and to have a look at the problem.


Paul S - there is a problem with many members having problems attending the SAB. We used to have a joint SAB and project meeting. We should separate out these functions.

Kevin - could tack on the project meeting to the end of the Alliance meting next year. EMBL is trying to cut down on travel to be "green".


Paulo - WormMine is being updated . We are talking to the other mods to work on AllianceMine next year. The vairious ModMines will be updated to InterMine 4.1 then possibilities will be explored after that.

New member

Karen introduced Nick Stiffler.