WBConfCall 2019.10.17-Agenda and Minutes

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Help Desk


  • AGR meeting in December
    • What should be presented to the SAB and in what format ? Still being discussed, should lock it down soon so people can prepare presentations.
  • Strain remapping resolved ?
    • Paul D has given Daniela a list for Transgeneome people to fix.
    • 99.9% of it resolved. A few non-elegans still need mapping.
    • Name requests will be possible in the future through the name service.
    • Matt finalizing name service with Sibyl.
    • https://names.wormbase.org/gene
  • Can Chris help Paul D with 22G/26G RNA issue
    • Paul D will ask if any questions come up.
  • Textpresso associations in WormBase
    • Strains don't make it, but Textpresso can recognize and capture.
    • Chris using textpresso and working with Adam and Sibyl.
    • Instead of associating in the database and the reference widget, provide a linkout for which papers reference a given Strain. Apply to Strains, and a few other datatypes.
    • Michael P : there's a link somewhere(?) for something(?), will talk to Chris about doing it similarly.
    • In future allow user to flag data as validated and/or Reference widget data flagged as predicted.
  • Ranjana working with Valerio and Michael P for picking and choosing data to send to AGR. Generated Gene descriptions same as WormBase descriptions, but both displayed on AGR pages.