WBConfCall 2019.09.19-Agenda and Minutes

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New Tickets

  • #7294 - Patch for WS273 - missing public_name
  • #7293 - Linking to Reactome Pathways (by gene name)
  • #7306 - We want to map the expression of two alternatively spliced exons
  • #7307 - I would like to submit a content correction in regards to the ire-1(zc14) allele of the gene ire-1
  • #7306 - POT-2 exhibits G-rich strand telomeric DNA binding activity and not C rich as stated in the gene overview

Switching to WBStrain IDs

  • We need strain names for curators to be able to use the OA, currently not in the nightly dump that the OA uses


  • Change to strain ID needed in large scale data sets: Microarray/condition, Interactions, Anatomy function