WBConfCall 2019.08.01-Agenda and Minutes

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Variation Backlog Summary

I have prepared this document to identify the processes and potential backlog.



As said before we are currently running Variation curation (molecular details) in a maintenence mode where only the users/large scale submitted data is integrated or where things are specifically requested.

There is a large backlog as there has always been, we have assessed the backlog that we know about that has been generated over the last 13 years.

Moving forward


21 Confirmed micropublications not curated

471 Created in the nameserver by Caltech curators since Mary Ann left.

Michael (HMM) has run the old pipeline and generated 114 new tickets (already in the numbers above)


2913 papers to triage to try and automatically identify the false +ves

~1800 papers to work through but will try and work on better ways to identify high confidence targets.

Possibly re-running them through the new pipeline