WBConfCall 2019.07.18-Agenda and Minutes

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Apologies for absence

Paul Davis


  • local citace upload -data freeze Tuesday, July 23rd
  • Citace to Hinxton on Friday
  • WS273 models.wrm file - correct version of the pre-production models file

Sequence curation for phenotypic alleles in papers

  • Email from Oliver Hobert : some published alleles are falling through the cracks for curation; paper mentioned is missing sequence and phenotype
  • Requires re-organization of curation priorities
    • current priority based on 1. what people complain about and 2. Data entered through the seq change form
    • need to wait until Paul D. is back
    • Need to figure out backlog -
      • from curation status form - 225/489 positive and not curated, feedback from Hinxton nameserver - not necessarily if sequence was capture
      • svm for sequence change - need to check criteria
      • textpresso flagging script highlighted potential *new alleles* - script stopped about ~1 year ago, output would be automatically added to Hinxton ticket server
      • micropublication will request authors submit sequence through the forms
    • strains in CGC are listed as not available at CGC - need to talk to Paul D.

[action] Kevin will discuss this with Paul D. on Monday and we will discuss topic at the next site-wide meeting

Author First Pass

[added by Valerio]
We would like to link the page that lists all papers processed by the new AFP of a specific author (http://textpressocentral.org:5002) to the main WB website under the 'community' menu and, for logged-in users, as a widget in the person page (as an empty widget with only the link).

  • Wants link to only be visible to WB users that are logged in to WB. Prefers link in its own widget.

This is a screenshot of the page:

Your afp papers.png

2020 NAR Manuscript

[Added by Todd]

The 2019 NAR submission (for the 2020 issue) is due September 15th. If you have submissions to the manuscript, please submit them here:


  • I plan to submit the manuscript by mid August.*

Paul S recommends Todd send out reminders

Other issues

Outstanding HelpDesk issues

Action Points - Discussion

    • Strains in CGC are listed as not available at CGC - need to talk to Paul D.
          41882 Strain objects in geneace
            452 Strains with no location
            363 Have CGC_received so have added CGC location
             89 Still no location, manually checked the CGC Strain file and confirm that these are not available at the CGC currently
          The OH Allele ot900 which is carried on the OH15422 Strain is one of the 363 Strains that have now been fixed.