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= Minutes =
= Minutes =
=== HelpDesk ===
One outstanding issue #7144 - Now resolved
=== KO Review ===
=== KO Review ===

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Apologies for absence


Any outstanding issues?

KO Consortium Update

Following the email from Don Moerman, we have reviewed the status of the KO project.

IWM 2019 WB workshop talks

Saturday, June 22nd, 1:00 pm-2:30pm. Northwest Auditorium

Speakers--please be mindful of the time allotted. We need time for audience participation--discussions, Q&As.

Current line-up of talks/speakers--

  • 1:00 Keep your widgets open: the WormBase gene page. Kimberly Van Auken . (5 mins)
  • 1:05 When a few genes are not enough: data mining with SimpleMine, WormMine and BioMart. Wen Chen, Chris Grove (15 mins)
  • 1:20 Cruising the genome with JBrowse. Scott Cain (15 mins)
  • 1:35 Visualizing data with the Ontology Browser and Enrichment Analysis. Raymond Lee (10 mins)
  • 1:45 More than just worms: cross-species data at the Alliance of Genome Resources. Chris Grove (5 mins)
  • 1.50 Be a community curator! Submit data to WormBase. Daniela Raciti (10 mins)
  • 2:00 General discussion



One outstanding issue #7144 - Now resolved

KO Review

Two concerns raised by Don Moerman:

1) KO data is appearing in WormBase but not in complete form ie not all the molecular details. 2) Accumulating quite a backlog of ko genes from both CRISPR and WGS.

Status and Action points:

  • Up to date for WS273 in terms of data submissions and molecular details.
  • Waiting next submission post KO submission to the CGC so no KO::WormBase backlog.
  • Need to chase up the 111 legacy pending curation gk alleles
  • Need to chase up the 766 legacy pending curation ok alleles

IWM 2019 WB workshop talks

  • Community curation talk will be delivered by Kimberly.
  • AGR talk will be presented at the end of session by Chris Grove.
  • Presentation files upload at the IWM 2019 folder under WormBase Shared documents folder, The link is below.
  • Please add your presentation file to the folder when it is ready.