WBConfCall 2019.03.21-Agenda and Minutes

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Finalize talks/speakers for IWM

Draft talks/speakers
Section 1
Simple Mine  Wen Chen
WormBase Ontology Browser  Raymond Lee
Enrichment Analysis Tools
Visualization tools-SoBA

Section 2
JBrowse        Scott Cain
WormMine     Chris Grove
Find cross species data at the Alliance of Genome Resources  
Community curation-Author first pass and other data submission forms Kimberly

Open helpdesk tickets



  • micropublications will have a breakfast slot (Daniela / Karen)
  • will also do a micropublication slot in the WormBase workshop (Daniela / Karen)
  • there should be an open floor at the end of the Workshop
  • rotating mini-presentations at the WormBase booth
  • we might do a talk in the Bridging The Divide / Parasite Workshop (Kevin)
  • there will be a large scale data mining talk - SimpleMine & WormMine & ParaSite BioMart (Chris / Paolo)
  • volunteers for the AGR talk
  • maybe we can leverage the flow from the CalTech site visits to organise the workshop (Raymond / Kimberley)