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== GO Meeting ==
== GO Meeting ==
* Kimberly is going
* Kimberly is going
* there will be changes to interpro2go
* there may be changes to interpro2go

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Finalize talks/speakers for IWM

Draft talks/speakers

Introduction to the gene page

Data Mining Tools
Simple Mine
ParaSite BioMart
Enrichment Analysis

Visualization and other tools
WormBase Ontology Browser
JBrowse        Scott Cain

Find cross species data at the Alliance of Genome Resources  
Community curation-Author first pass and other data submission forms    Kimberly

Open helpdesk tickets



  • micropublications will have a breakfast slot (Daniela / Karen)
  • will also do a micropublication slot in the WormBase workshop (Daniela / Karen)
  • there should be an open floor at the end of the Workshop
  • rotating mini-presentations at the WormBase booth
  • we might do a talk in the Bridging The Divide / Parasite Workshop (Kevin)
  • there will be a large scale data mining talk - SimpleMine & WormMine & ParaSite BioMart (Chris / Paolo)
  • volunteers for the AGR talk (Chris?)
  • maybe we can leverage the flow from the CalTech site visits to organise the workshop (Raymond / Kimberley)
  • we want to finalise the time plan mid-April. Ideally first week of April (Ranjana)
    • we could submit a list of talks and speaker and tweak it later

BioCuration Meeting

  • Kevin & Kimberly is going

GO Meeting

  • Kimberly is going
  • there may be changes to interpro2go