WBConfCall 2019.03.07-Agenda and Minutes

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  • Most issues taken care of, or being discussed
  • Issue #6969: How can I compare ChIP Seq results from two different datasets? Valerie Reinke's two SMA-3 ChIP Seq datasets are on ModEncode but not in WormBase- is it possible to get them in WormBase? I'd like to compare these data sets with two other ChIP Seq datasets that are on WormBase to determine what target genes are unique to the individual datasets and which target genes are shared between datasets.
    • Scott Cain will look into this, this issue will be assigned to him
  • https://github.com/WormBase/website/issues/6938
    • Looking for Hawaiian variations; wondering about mitochondrial sequences


  • Data refreshes to Alliance
    • WB usually submits files from the WB build, unless there are bug or data fixes
    • Other databases do differently, example RGD does a nightly submission
    • Total synchrony between Alliance and databases might be impossible to achieve
  • Upload on March 15th
    • Files are due for Caltech on Tues, March 12th
    • Curators, please check your data against model changes