WBConfCall 2019.02.07-Agenda and Minutes

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Strain curation at Caltech

can we add the ability to request/submit/verify strain information to the nameserver as is possible for variations?

WB chapter for Methods Mol Biol

  • Is not yet in PMC (no OA charges paid)
  • Needs to be in PMC to cite in progress reports, e.g. GOC
  • Can add to PMC directly
I just saw the response from Springer to Val, and it looks like they don’t submit to PMC if there’s no Open Access agreement, 
and apparently there wasn’t one for the RGD or WormBase paper.  So someone on that paper will need to submit to PMC.  
The instructions are here: https://publicaccess.nih.gov/Methods-C-D-BP.  Specifically, it is Method C.  But the process can 
be started from within MyNCBI, so it looks straightforward.  Is there someone in your group who can do that for this paper?  
If there isn’t, if you send me the final accepted version I could try (I’m not sure it will work if I’m not an author, 
but I checked at MyNCBI and it at least gives me the “edit” link!).

more links to the Alliance portal

it would be good to add links from widgets when the Alliance has added value. e.g., from Homology section; others?